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InteriorCorp, LTD. is a full-service residential interior design company in Detroit. In our three decades in this industry, we have created some inspiring and innovative interiors to help our clients add an enriching experience to their lifestyle. If you are looking for a residential interior designer in Detroit, you now know where you should be headed. Our interior design projects are unique concerning the attention to detail, personalization, and creativity they feature. We can handle the interior designing of newly constructed properties, spaces that can do with some interior renovations or major remodeling.

Whatever your style - traditional, modern or something in between, we will help in building an interior space that exudes exclusiveness. We engage in clear communication throughout the design process with clients to ensure that the ultimate space that we all are working together to create is functional as well as beautiful and is timely delivered within budget. 

Embark on an aesthetic journey like no other with our one-time initial consultation.

We, at InteriorCorp, LTD., make sure that we understand our client’s needs right from the start. Some clients have a special preference for a specific feature or room - a modern fireplace, a perfectly lighted kitchen, or a unique bookcase. For others, it is all about proper utilization of the space to ensure it serves its purpose - designing a room for entertainment. But beyond these basic objectives, it is also very important to make sure that every custom interior design in addition to reflecting client’s personality is an aesthetically pleasing space that is pragmatically functional too.  

We also work with our clients to understand their working style and expectations. Some delegate all the interior design responsibilities to us - right from concept to implementation. While others are hands-on and want to involve in every aspect of designing their interior space. We have worked with both types, and we have managed to deliver to both. Our objective as an interior design company is to understand our clients’ needs - this leads to a more productive and enjoyable experience.


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